The presenter of La Sexta Noticias, Helena Resano, opens the new audiovisual facilities at the Universidad Europea

Attendees at the opening enjoyed a discussion led by Resano in which she detailed the daily journalism work of a TV presenter

The School of Social Sciences and Communication at the Universidad Europea opened its new TV studio on November 22. The presenter of La Sexta Noticias Helena Resano did the honors, opening the audiovisual facilities with a newsreading workshop. This activity gave attendees an opportunity to see the journalistic and creative possibilities of the new studio.

During the talk, which was exclusively for students of the Universidad Europea, Resano explained how a news team works, the professional qualities needed, and the type of language used according to the type of news item, among other aspects needed for a good TV news program.

After the educational workshop where students shared their impressions with the speaker, there was a practical activity in which the protagonists, the students, used the facilities for the first time, and the audiovisual tools for presenting a news program, supervised by Helena Resano. The opening of the new studio and the presence of the La Sexta Noticias presenter were also an opportunity for Helena Resano to present her latest book, La trastienda de un informativo.

No te pierdas los consejos de @HelenaResano, autora de #LaTrastiendaDeUnInformativo, para las nuevas generaciones de periodistas. #PlatóUE

— Comunicación UE (@ComunicacionUE) 23 de noviembre de 2016