The Master Degree in Sports Training and Nutrition, an unique opportunity

Four former students of the Master talk about their time at the School

Antonella Cariolo, Manuel Arenas, Ana Martínez and Gabriel Martins graduated last July after finishing their Master in Sports Training and Nutrition at the Real Madrid Graduate School – Universidad Europea. Now, they are about to start their professional adventure and they are sharing with us their thoughts.

“The mix between Real Madrid and sports”, “the chair of professors and the topics that you learn about in the master” and “the good references from well-known professionals of the sector that said that this is the best school in Europe” are some of the reasons that helped us to choose this School to study our master degree.

“A lot of our professors and people that we’ve been surrounded by are top, not only at an academic level but also in social networks and the internet”. Furthermore, they value very positively having been able to have in their classrooms people as relevant in the sports sector such as Asker Jeukendrup and Jean Le Meur, something that has given them a “scientific vision of the sports”.

Now that they’ve finished the master, they are starting a new stage in their lives where they are going to “improve the knowledge that they’ve acquired, and overall help their patients and sports team with the professionalism they deserve” they said. Some of the challenges these former students are facing now are the specializations that needs to be applied with each athlete, patients or clients, as they have to provide them with bespoke attention.

The Master's Degree in Sports Training and Nutrition is designed to equip students with the latest training methods, the latest trends in sports nutrition and natural ergogenic aids to improve sports performance.