The Managing Diversity Unit is committed to a more inclusive Universidad Europea

The University continues to offer the support and advice necessary for students with specific educational needs to lead a university life on an equal footing.

TheUniversidad Europea is a firm believer in Diversity in terms of abilities, culture, racial background, gender, sexual orientation, age, ideology, or any other socio-economic condition, as a factor leading to an environment in which creativity, innovation and commitment can thrive, which equates to ongoing improvement. The Universidad Europea's outreach as an institution is one of growth in tandem with its university community, breaking down barriers and educating citizens of the world through a multidisciplinary and ethically committed approach, assisting them in professional and personal competency development.

The different fields of action in which the Universidad Europea plays a role include the Managing Diversity Unit, a platform which is in pursuit of equal opportunities and full inclusion of persons with functional diversity, or specific education support needs. In the context of prevention and protection of students’ rights, the Managing Diversity Unit deals with each case individually, together with faculty, the academic coordinator and the mentor, in order to come up with a proposal for the adjustments deemed appropriate for enabling students with specific educational needs to lead a university life on an equal footing.

The Universidad Europea promotes competency development, involvement in the educational community and helping its students join the work force, thus ensuring their university experience. Similarly, it undertakes to work with special employment centers and to favor the specific development of every member of its university community.