The international religious architecture awards reward Alejandro Beautell, professor of Architecture at UEC

The architect received recognition through one of the most well-known awards in architecture

Architect and professor at the Universidad Europea de Canarias School of Architecture Alejandro Beautell was rewarded in the sixth edition of the International Religious Architecture Awards granted by the Frate Sole Foundation. The panel chose five finalist architects among renowned professionals from all over the world, granting three awards and two special mentions.

The architect from the Canary Islands received a special mention from the panel and has become one of the architects to be honored at a ceremony scheduled at the University of Pavia on October 4, marking the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. If the Pritzker prize -the Nobel Prize of architecture- is considered the most important in the world of civil architecture, then the award granted by the Frate Sole Foundation is the most prestigious in religious art.

The International Religious Architecture Award, founded 24 years ago by Franciscan monk Constantino Ruggeri, is granted every four years to an architect or an artist of any Christian denomination who has designed an ecclesiastical building of undoubted excellence over the last ten years.