The Fundación ASISA-Universidad Europea Chair provides grants for research in Biomedical and Health Science

Grants for a maximum of €6,000 each will be awarded to universities and research centers

Universidad Europea and the Fundación ASISA have once again this year announced their Chair to provide research grants in the field of Biomedical and Health Science. With a total endowment of €18,000 and a mission to drive forward R&D work in the field of research, the ASISA-Universidad Europea Chair will offer up to €6,000 to each project.

It will consider projects focused on new technologies for patients and doctors’ access to Big Data that contain scientific evidence necessary for clinical practice. It will also consider research focused on health care management and clinical research open to medical specialists. The nomination of candidates is open to excellent research groups comprised of researchers with proven experience, and to young researchers of renowned prestige who lead individual or group projects.

The recipients of the grants must be legally established universities and research centers with sufficient capacity to act. The deadline for submitting applications is 3 pm on June 30, and applications should be sent via e-mail from a key project researcher to The application form and CVs of all members should also be included. For more information, the terms and conditions are available here.