The founders of Voze and Workkola share the secrets of entrepreneurship with students of the School of Social Sciences and Communication

The lecture centered on fostering the entrepreneurial spirit and an understanding of business strategy and marketing

On November 29, Villaviciosa de Odón Campus held a talk on enterprise, business strategy and marketing for students at the School of Social Sciences and Communication. The activity was guided by the entrepreneurs who launched Workkola and the Voze App. Voze won an award in the Universidad Europea’s latest Young Social Entrepreneur Awards.

Adriana Jaime, CEO of Voze App, and Antonio Negrillo, of Workkola, shared their personal impressions and experiences relating to these projects. The students of Strategic Management, taught by Tiziana Priede, TFG with María Rodríguez and Tools of Marketing with Carmen Alba got first-hand information on starting companies and planning business strategy in the creation of a successful business project.

In the 8th edition of the Young Social Entrepreneur Awards, Voze App was one of the ten social initiatives awarded by the panel. This social project is based on a translation app that hopes to overcome language barriers. Workkola, which won an award from Santander’s YUZZ Emprende, is an initiative that brings together an online community of collaborative talent consisting of students with international startups to take part in specific projects. The Universidad Europea is still committed to fostering entrepreneurship and bringing influencers to talk to the students, so they get a close-up view of the processes, experiences, and sacrifices of being an entrepreneur and creating projects that benefit society.