The Conference Center hosts the Universidad Europea de Valencia Commencement ceremonies

Around 400 students and their families take part in two emotional events attended by Pilar de la Oliva and Pilar Mateo as class sponsors.

On Saturday, June 17, the Universidad Europea de Valencia held the 2016-2017 class commencement ceremonies with two events at the Conference Center in Valencia.

At the morning event, attended by the chairwoman of the High Court of Justice in the Region of Valencia, Pilar de la Oliva, academic stoles were presented to 160 Graduate Degree and Advanced Career and Technical Education students. The students, families, professors and other members of the educational community enjoyed a moving ceremony. Pilar de la Oliva and Rector Juan Morote encouraged the students to show “their passion and determination” in their new life ahead.

That afternoon, the same stage held the Universidad Europea de Valencia Bachelor’s Degree Commencement. This time the class sponsor was scientist, chairwoman of Inesfly Corporation and member of the Universidad Europea de Valencia's Advisory Council, Pilar Mateo.

Our Rector recalled the figure of Miguel Hernández to highlight to students the ties they have established with knowledge, education and the academic institution: “we have loved you very much. That is why your presence will remain with us forever.” Meanwhile, Pilar Mateo spoke to the 220 alumni and over one thousand family members present, stating that “enthusiasm must come before results. Science must be on the side of the listener, and we must use it to serve others.”