The CEO of Territorio Creativo participates in IMPACT Business School's II IMPACT Talk

Juan Luis Polo highlights how connectivity hasn't just made computers more productive but also more human.

Territorio Creativo's CEO, coauthor of #Lidertarios and president of the Association of Digital Agencies, Juan Luis Polo, participated last Tuesday, May 10 in the II IMPACT Talk held at Universidad Europea 'sIMPACT Business School . Considered one of the best-known voices of Spain's digital sector, Polo emphasized how technology has changed companies, personnel management, and the relationships between people in organizations. “Connectivity hasn't just made computers more productive but also more human” because there is much more shared information, he said.

In terms of personnel management, the coauthor of #Lidertarios insisted that the model of leadership tied to power and based on insider information is bound to give way to leaders who can motivate their teams, because “the mistake is confusing a leader with a boss; a boss isn't inclusive, but a leader is.”

Likewise, IMPACT Business School's director, Marta Muñiz, pointed out,“The first challenge for organizations and their leaders today is not just becoming bosses but leading teams characterized by the coexistence of up to five generations, each with very distinct values and motives.” With the Master's in Human Resource Administration and Management –which was presented during the event– Universidad Europea aims to“figure out how we can innovate and help those leaders who are facing the task of personnel management to do so better.”