Teachers, students and alumni from Universidad Europea help build the CHAZON orphanage

Thanks to their helping hand, the center now has 20 more places for children from Molo, Kenya

Felipe Asenjo and Santiago Becerra, professors from the School of Architecture, Engineering and Design at Universidad Europea have collaborated in the design, construction and expansion of the CHAZON orphanage in Molo, Kenya, along with architecture and civil engineering students and alumni.

Their collaboration has made it possible for the NGO CHAZON to provide a building adapted to their needs, as it has seen the foundations, enclosure walls, exterior carpentries, wood structure and roofing completed, all during the months of July and August. The construction of the building has increased the number of places available, thus extending the protective action of the orphanage to 20 more children.

The students who have participated are part of the Association of Students of Architecture, Art and Design and the AED Cooperation Club, which kicked off this project in the summer of 2016.