Students from the Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy treated Crossfit Championship participants

They performed massages and stretches during the championship

On October 29, a group of six students from the Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy at the Universidad Europea de Valencia took part in a Crossfit championship which saw participation by 80 sportsmen and women.

Crossfit is a training technique which puts together movements from different disciplines at the same time. The championship consisted of different eight-minute challenges in which various athletes performed various highly physically demanding exercises. Each participant had to compete twice, with a rest period in between.

Our Physiotherapy students attended to the participants between challenges. They performed release massages on participants’ arms and legs, as due to the sport demanding a lot of muscular effort in a short space of time, the participants need to recover between challenges. They also attended to the athletes at the end of the competition, with massages and stretches.