Student José Manuel García Bustos takes on the UNIRAID charitable challenge

José Manuel, who is in his third year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, is setting off on an adventure to cross the Moroccan desert for charity


UNIRAID is a charitable challenge for students between 18 and 28 years old who have an entrepreneurial spirit. The initiative consists of a nine-day journey in which students like José Manuel cross Morocco from north to south at the wheel of passenger cars that are more than 20 years old with the help of just a compass and a map.

The route, divided into six stages, mixes charity, adventure and entrepreneurship. During the journey, one of UNIRAID’s objective is to reveal the charitable side of the students who, while they complete the stages, must transport a minimum of 66 pounds of charitable materials to be donated to the different schools located along the route. For José Manuel, this charitable initiative allows him to “have an adventure in the heart of the desert with a landscape that shows how difficult it is to succeed in such a feat.”  On the other hand, the Universidad Europea student indicated that “what inspired me to participate in UNIRAID for the first time is my belief in solidarity. As a human being, I am firmly committed to helping those most in need,” he says.

After completing the challenge, the students will have gained skills and attitudes that will bolster their entrepreneurial spirit. These qualities and values will help the students successfully enter the professional job market. “I recommend that all University Europea students participate in UNIRAID because it offers not only an adventure but a chance to take action, to believe in what you do and carry it forward. This is something I really think is necessary for my professional development,” José Manuel concludes.