Spanish cyclist Tania Calvo will prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games at the Universidad Europea

The women’s track sprinter is considered to be one of the best cyclists in the world

Track cycling specialist Tania Calvo will conduct part of her training and comprehensive preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games at the Universidad Europea facilities. Students from the School of Sports and Exercise Sciences will be there to reinforce their academic training by following the tests carried out at the Universidad Europea laboratories.

At 24, the Spanish sprinter has become one of the todays best female cyclists in her specialization of track cycling. Over her career, Tania Calvo has won four Spanish Championship titles and various medals at the European Championship. In October and November, Tania Calvo has won three individual and team medals at the European Championship, two medals at the 1st leg of the World Cup, and three medals at the 2nd leg of the World Cup. At the last Olympic Games in Rio 2016, Calvo took seventh place and won an Olympic diploma.

In the next few days the Universidad Europea will close a collaboration agreement with Zeebra Academy which, for the last three year, has been entrusted with training sprinters for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic cycle. Tania Calvo is expected to complete physiological tests at the facilities and start some tests before the end of the year.