Rock the tourism brings us closer to the world of accessibility

Our University organized an event with speeches by various experts and a concert by local group Dr. Mapache

On Friday 23, students, professor and guests helped us to celebrate World Tourism Day, dedicated this year to accessibility. The first edition of ‘Rock the Tourism’ featured interesting, entertaining 6-minute talks to address the problems faced by people with different levels of disability when traveling, and the gradual progress that is being made in this area.

The event, which ended well after 11pm, featured entertainment from rock & roll band Dr. Mapache. We particularly appreciate the support received from Juan Antonio Rodríguez, from NGO Montaña Para todos; Dulce Torres, from Sinpromi and Ángela Herrera from the Town Council of Buenavista del Norte. A huge thanks to all those who took part and got involved in the First Edition of ‘Rock the Tourism’ so they could reflect on, and learn about, accessible tourism. They did their bit to make it a success and gave us enough encouragement to start thinking about the next edition: