Rebeca Grynspan, Honorary PhD from Universidad Europea

This recognition highlights the career of the Ibero-American Secretary General and her commitment to development based on equality, sustainability and public participation

On Wednesday, January 17, the Academic Council of Universidad Europea, at the request of the School of Social Sciences and Communication, awarded an Honorary PhD from Universidad Europea to Rebeca Grynspan for her leadership as Ibero-American Secretary General and in recognition of her support for Ibero-American integration. The award also highlights her commitment to the citizens of Ibero-American, placing their rights and freedoms at the center of her vocation to serve Ibero-American civil society.

During her speech, Ms Grynspan stressed “my absolute conviction that we must fight to build inclusive societies, where nobody is condemned to poverty, marginalization, ignorance or illness by the family, place or time they are born into. Societies where being different does not lead to discrimination and where everyone can choose and undertake a life project freely”. She also urged the guests and institutional representatives at the event to stand up for equality between men and women in all fields, I believe in politics… I believe it is a powerful tool for transforming reality and generating profound, long-lasting changes”.

The ceremony citation address was given by Ana Pastor, President of the Congress of Deputies, who reviewed the academic and professional career of Ms Grynspan as well as her personality. Ms Pastor recalled that the doctoral candidate “represents the best values of multilateralism and her vision of development is based on three principles: equality, sustainability and participation. Universidad Europea rector Juan Morote inaugurated the event and endorsed the nomination by saying that “her work must move society, which entails a will to join her cause against discrimination and poverty. Ms Grynspan was accompanied by Rector Juan Morote, Dean Marta Muñiz, and Vice Dean Ana María Ovejero, from the School of Social Sciences and Communication, as sponsor of the doctoral candidate.