Professor Juan Alejandro Lorenzo coordinates a book with research projects on the church of the Concepción

He also took part in the events to Open the “treasure” or permanent exhibition room for religious art at the Cathedral of La Laguna

UEC professor and art historian Juan Alejandro Lorenzo Lima recently presented the collective book "La Laguna y su parroquia matriz. Estudios sobre la iglesia de la Concepción" (La Laguna and its Main Parish. Studies on the Church of La Concepción”) at the headquarters of the Institute of Canary Island Studies.

It is a project on the IECan Art Section, of which he is an executive member, funded by the La Laguna City Council Department of Historical Heritage. The 515-page book contains fifteen studies by twelve national and international researchers. This volume has been published on the one-hundredth anniversary of the publication of the book by José Rodríguez Moure [1855-1936]: "Historia de la parroquia matriz de la Concepción de la Ciudad de La Laguna", (History of the main parish of La Concepción of the City of La Laguna), published in 1915. Lorenzo Lima has also written a complete chapter on 17th and 19th century architecture and various comments on documents.

The book was presented by Fernando Castro Borrego (Full Professor of Art at ULL) as well as the Mayor of La Laguna and executives from IECan.

Lorenzo also took part in the opening of the “treasure” or permanent exhibition room for religious art at the Cathedral of La Laguna. This in an ambitious project in which he coordinated a team of colleagues who work in Art History and the Preservation of Cultural Assets. 

It is funded by the Canary Island Government and La Laguna City Council after a year of work. The exhibition features over 250 works of art divided into 7 areas. Pieces from the 15th to the 20th century on the heritage of the ancient parish of Los Remedios and, since 1819, the cathedral of La Laguna. The works on display (paintings, sculptures, silver, fabrics, wooden objects, documents) belong to the Cathedral. The project is the culmination of work that begin in 2011, resulting in the 2013 book ("Patrimonio e historia de la antigua Catedral de La Laguna” - “Heritage and History of the Old Cathedral of La Laguna”) and a temporary exhibition in 2014-2015 (“Herencia. La parroquia de los Remedios y el patrimonio catedralicio de La Laguna” - “Legacy. The Parish of Los Remedios and the Heritage of the Cathedral of La Laguna”), both initiatives directed by professor Lorenzo Lima.