Professor José Martí gave several talks on gamification

The Director of the Master's in Teacher Training took part in Braining 2016 and the Language School Congress

The professor and Director of the Master’s Degree in Teacher Training at the Universidad Europea de Valencia, José Martí Parreño, gave a talk on gamification at Braining 2016, held in the Ateneo Mercantil of Valencia, and also spoke at the Congress of Language Schools (ACEICOVA) held at the Professional Doctors’ Association of Valencia on November 26. 

Braining is one of the biggest education events held in the city of Valencia and has the support of the Official Association of Pedagogues and Psychopedagogues of the Region of Valencia. This year, Braining gathered 300 Primary, Secondary and Bachillerato teachers from all over Spain interested in learning about new teaching methods and technological innovations in education.

José Martí also presented the lecture “Gamification and Language Learning: Promises and Challenges” as part of the annual congress of Language Schools of the Region of Valencia, showing attendees the many ways to apply gamification in teaching.