Professor Jorge Mestre publishes an article is scientific journal “European View”

Diplomatic negotiation processes are increasingly more complex as they aim to cover greater scopes, says the Institutional Relations professor

Jorge Mestre, a professor at the Universidad Europea de Valencia Social Sciences department, has recently published an article in the scientific journal “European View” published in Brussels by the Springer Publishing.

The professor from the Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations at the Universidad Europa de Valencia argues in his academic paper entitled “Are there formulas for successful diplomatic agreements?, that finding models that can be generalized in diplomatic negotiation processes was a more simple task due the period of old diplomacythan in the last century, when international agreements have become increasingly more complex as, among other reasons, they aim to cover many more areas than conflict in the traditional sense of the word.

In his paper Mestre highlights that the Dayton Accords that brought the Yugoslav war to an end, and the Minsk agreements that aim to solve the crisis in Ukraine, are good examples of this.