Professor Carlos Romá Mateo presents the scientific popularization comic “The OOBIK”

It is a “science fiction adventure with a strong biological component” to bring the world of science closer to teachers, students and comic fans

Biochemistry Professor at the Universidad Europea de Valencia and comic enthusiast, Carlos Romá Mateo, has managed to combine his two passions in “The OOBIK proteo-type”, a scientific popularization magazine presented on Saturday, October 22, at the City of Arts and Sciences.

Carlos Romá Mateo defines this comic as “a science fiction adventure with a strong biological component. I like to call it bio-science fiction, or bio-sci-fi. Although the core of the project is the webcomic that focuses on the adventures of an atypical hero called OOBIK, the idea goes much further and is a multidisciplinary approach to describing cell biology using texts, illustrations, graphic narrative and videos”.

The purpose of “The OOBIK proteo-type” is to create “attractive stories for students, professors and any fan of science fiction or comics”, said Romá Mateo, writer for the project, who is also a post-doctoral researcher at the Epigenetics Research Platform of CIBERer and the School of Medicine and Dentistry at the Universitat de València.

The same event held at the City of Arts and Sciences also saw the presentation of “Principia”, a scientific popularization journal.