Professor and photographer Teresa Arozena plunges into "experimental ethnography”

The experienced photographer and teacher makes a direct record of the environment and develops a “process for relocating the gaze”

Universidad Europea de Canarias professor and photographer Teresa Arozena is exhibiting Menos es Nada at Mapfre Guanarteme Foundation in La Laguna through May 27. This photography project, created in 2015 and 2016 in the Canary Islands, can be classified as what the artist has called "experimental ethnography" focused on local society.

In this Arozena work, direct photographic records of the environment are transformed via a process of relocating the gaze, in the selective configuration of autonomous scenes that seek to show groups of humans and local lifestyles. The scenes reveal the relational theater underlying the idea of the collective and the public, creating a human landscape. The photographs show subtly political scenarios where the fiction of the provisional nomad, the tourist, the bather, the weekender and even the castaway are recreated as a kind of repopulated landscape.