Practical Masterclass on fitting teeth into full dentures

Taught by two laboratory technicians specialized in this subject, students of the Prosthetics I course were able to receive practical training on several technical aspects related to full dentures in edentulous patients

Around 150 students in the third year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry at Universidad Europea de Valencia attended a practical demonstration of how to fit teeth into full dentures. The masterclass was taught by two laboratory technicians from the company Ivoclar.

The students, enrolled in the Prosthetics I class, taught by Professor Begoña Oteiza in Spanish and Ana Candel in English, with adjunct professors Mónica López Galindo and Rosa Galiana (English) and Cristina Rech, Carmina Parra and Diego Santolaya (Spanish), were able to gain a better understanding of jaw movements and the types of occlusion in fully edentulous patients with a clinical application of patient treatment to learn how to test full dentures before they are finished.