Pampliega: “The 299 days in captivity have helped me not put work before my life”

Europea Media interviewed journalist and alumnus Antonio Pampliega during the 8th “Periodismo al Límite” Seminar

On September 28, the Universidad Europea held the 8th edition of the “Periodismo al límite” seminar, attended by war correspondents such as Cristina Sánchez, director and presenter of the Radio 5 (RNE) program “Países en conflicto”, photojournalists Olmo Calvo and Judith Prat, as the special guest, journalist and alumnus Antonio Pampliega.

Europea Media had the chance to interview Pampliega who, after being kidnapped by the branch of Al Qaeda in Syria for 299 days, expressed to listeners his passion of journalism in areas of conflict: “one of the good things about coming back home is being able to share my experiences with future colleagues, it is also a way to enrich people and not just be in the conflict area all day”, said the journalist to Europea Media.

During the interview Pampliega highlighted the more positive aspects of the kidnapping –a workplace accident according to the journalist– he suffered in order to be an asset in war areas again and continue telling the crude reality that many people suffer daily because of the conflicts. “You have to know how to live and appreciate life because it is marvelous. That’s what I take from what happened”, stressed Pampliega.