New Teacher, Iñigo Mujika, joins the professor chair in the Master Degree in Training and Sports Nutrition

The Master's Degree in Training and Sports Nutrition will have from now, a new honored teacher within the professor chair

Iñigo Mujika, who has a degree in Physical Education and who is also a Doctor in Sports Sciences and in Biology for muscular exercise, has a lot of experience on his CV, which is a privilege for the Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea.

He has over 111 published articles in magazines registered in the international Science Citation Index, 99 published articles in other international and national magazines and has written 8 books.

He has also been part of several congresses and conferences. Specifically, he has taken part in 332 conferences and international congresses.

At the moment, he is an associate or guest professor in 8 Universities from all over the world, such as the Icelandic Reykjavik University, the Chilean Finis Terrae University and the Ramón Llull University in Barcelona, among others. 

He is also a coach and assessor of elite sports in swimming and triathlon, and has been part of the Italian Olympic committee. He has also worked as the physiologist of the elite team of the Spanish Royal Swimming Federation, between other professional activities. 

He has taken part of several institutions and has been an evaluator of international scientific publications such as Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise” and "International Journal of Sports Medicine”.

It is a privilege for the Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europa to have a teacher with his prestigious experience as a professor in the Masters. 

The Masters in Training and Sports Nutrition objective is to teach the students everything they need to know to prepare training plans, manipulate devices to control human movement and training, organie nutritional diets and make performance evaluations of the physical activities as well as perform some scientific investigation in the sports nutrition field.