New 3 month online specialisation programmes

Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea has launched six new short education programmes

Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea, following their mission of educating the leaders of our sports industry, have launched in 2017 six new short education programmes. These programmes will last for 3 months plus a final project. They have been created due to the high demand of professionals in some of the sports fields to have the ability to face with confidence and success the challenges that the continuous development of the sports world is creating.

The Leadership and Sports Management Program, is focused on the need to manage the abilities of different sports managers and the creation of different strategies to fill the needs of sports businesses. Understanding how to create an efficient organisation, developing changing strategies to innovate within the sports industry and understanding the different dynamics of teams in order to solve conflicts are some of the keys and the leadership models that this programme offers to current and future sports managers.

The Sports Facility Management Program shows the current challenge of how to use sports facilities as places for experiences, emotions and business. Events are one of the main opportunities, but they involve complex organisation and economic management. This programme is focused on the organisation of this infrastructure, the event production (both sports and others) and the economic and financial planning of the organisation.

The Sports Marketing & Sponsorship Program teaches about the collaboration between sports entities and businesses in order to use sports as a vehicle to transmit values, emotions, brand image and personality to several brands and products. This short education programme will teach students about dynamic sport marketing strategies, focused on the clients and looking for sponsorships that generate value.

This course, thanks to its flexibility, allows professionals who want to further develop their knowledge and skills, to combine the three main aspects of their life: professional, personal and educational. The short programmes are available in both English and Spanish, and they are targeted to sports professionals, or professionals in similar industries, who want to acquire a deeper knowledge or specialise in more specific areas.

All these programmes will start in May and will last for 3 months of classes, plus an end-of-course project, and will be 100% online. There will be a range of content, activities and collaborative activities, case studies and both virtual and live lessons, always directed by an excellent faculty member as well as sports industry professionals.

For more information, please contact with our admissions director Laura Vega, +34 912 115 427,