Neurologist Ignacio Hernández Medrano gave a lecture on Big Data and Healthcare at the Universidad Europea

He received a Singularity University grant in 2014 and considers that big data analytics will be key to personalized medicine

The ASISA – Universidad Europea Chair is now ten years old and still looking towards the future. For this reason, on November 29 it organized a Healthcare Management class focusing on big data analytics and their application in the world of healthcare, given by Ignacio Hernández Medrano, a neurologist at Hospital Ramón y Cajal and founding member of Savana. Hernández Medrano gave the lecture “The medical professional in a world of data”, in which he considered the applications of Big Data in medicine and how this method will change healthcare environments in the next few years. In his opinion, “personalized medicine is simply Big Data arriving in healthcare data”.

According to the neurologist, who received a Singularity University grant in 2014, Big Data Analytics represents “a change in how humans approach knowledge”, as “it sees correlations where the human mind cannot.” He took these correlations as the basis for stating that “we are going to see a transition to algorithm-based medicine” because “the way a machine views the variables in medical records is very different to how a human would.” This would have many applications in medicine, such as the development of drugs and research into rare diseases, and would mark the end of population medicine and the dominance of individualization.

The lecture at the Universidad Europea Villaviciosa de Odón Campus was also attended by the executive director of ASISA, Enrique de Porres; and Isabel Fernández, Rector of the Universidad Europea. Other attendees at the event, which included the 7th award for the best transcript in the School of Biomedical and Health Sciences in the academic year 2015/2016 and the 2016 ASISA – Universidad Europea Chair Research Grants, were the Director of Planning and Development at ASISA and Co-Director of the ASISA – Universidad Europea Chair , Dr. María Tormo Domínguez; the Director of the Universidad Europea Health Clinic and co-director of the Chair, Matilde Cortés; and the director of the Universidad Europea Dental Clinic, Jesús Sanz.