Miriam Izquierdo, IMF consultant, takes center stage at the Universidad de Valencia's CEOs Forum

At the conference she presented the international report "Gender Diversity and Administrative Boards"

Universidad Europea de Valencia, along with Confederación Empresarial Valenciana (CEV), held on June 22 a new edition of CEOs Forum in which Miriam Izquierdo, Managing Director of Comerciando Global and consultant for the International Monetary Fund (IMF), made an appearance. She shared with the attendees the key points of the latest IMF report “Gender Diversity and Administrative Boards.”

Along with Miriam Izquierdo, Universidad Europea de Valencia brought together a group of seasoned professionals such as Elsa de Andrés, State lawyer and Secretary of the Libertas 7 Board of Directors; José María Ros, independent consultant; and Jorge Martí, member of Uría Menéndez. These experts analyzed the key strategies for raising the number of women in administrative boards. The debate was moderated by Eva Turanzo, director of Universidad Europea de Valencia's International Accreditation in Administration Boards and Good Governance.

The study, which considers the situation in several European countries, stands against Spain's low ranking in gender equality in administrative boards. Specifically, among EU countries, it ranks 16th, just after Latvia and Lithuania.  Miriam Izquierdo said that quotas are necessary to improve the situation of inequality in the administrative boards of large companies. In her speech she said that “quotas are neutral” and they are the only quick and effective way to reach equality and, in that sense, they must be obligatory and punitive, because mere recommendations are not working.