Master class in the lab to measure athlete’s fatigue

Technology for sports performance

Sergio Lorenzo Jiménez, Director of the Master's Degree in Sports Training and Nutrition at the Real Madrid Graduate School – UE, has lead an educational masterclass in the lab at the Physical activity and sports sciences faculty and Universidad Europea, together with the team Este-Chozas, that belongs to the former professional cyclist Eduardo Chozas and Lolo Esteve. The session consisted of education with the device Humon Hex while performing a stress test with both cyclists, one of them being a student from the Master.

They conducted the stress test with this devices that is capable of measuring the saturation of haemoglobin in the muscles or the percentage of oxygen in the muscles in order to know the level of fatigue of the athlete. This technology is also able to measure other parameters such as the cardiac rhythm, the distance, speed, haemoglobin levels, cadence and height.

In Sergio’s words “It is always important to be at the cutting edge of technology in sports performance. Furthermore, these machines are 'not invasive', meaning that we do not need to extract blood or lactate, but that we can make the analysis with infrared spectroscopy: the LED sends light to the skin, and the detectors measure the intensity of the light that spreads across the muscle”.