Marketing Instruments students attended an ICEX seminar

The activity was organized by Council Protocol manager Jesús Acevedo

On November 16, students from Marketing Instruments (Erasmus, DYCRE, Marketing, DYCRE-MK), taught by Miriam Rodríguez, had the chance to take part in the Seminar “How to internationalize your business” organized by ICEX in collaboration with Caja Siete and Proexca, and with the participation of Canary Island companies that have successfully internationalized their business: Montesano, Klingele Embalajes (formerly Papelera Canarias), Mojos Guachinerfe, Gofios La Molineta, La Vieja Licorería and Sieltec Canarias, during which they presented their experiences in exporting.

The students had the opportunity to learn how to internationalize a company, what aspects to consider in international distribution, and how to prepare for operating abroad. The university would like to thank the event organizers for their welcome at the seminar, which was extremely interesting for students, as is highlighted by our activity on TWITTER under the hashtag: #imdistribucion