José Luis Cubero, head of Big Data Analytics of Norauto, explains key points about this new technology

The Big Data expert announces that new jobs will be created which will modify data storage and interpretation.

On June 14, Universidad Europea de Valencia held a masterclass on Big Data taught by the Head of Big Data Analytics of Norauto, José Luis Cubero. Organized by the Master's in Digital Marketing and Big Data, attendees learned about the objectives and components of this concept in a simple and accessible way.

José Luis Cubero considers that Big Data is “applying mathematics and statistics to a huge amount of data in a way that allows you to obtain models that companies can use to predict what could happen and to make decisions beforehand.” He also said that “they can be applied to all departments of a company”  to optimize processes and performance.

And by applying this technology, Cubero said that “new jobs will be created, especially for marketing managers, data architects and analysts, technicians, and statisticians.