“Integrating basic subjects through gamification in Health Sciences”, Second Universidad Europea Prize for Teaching Innovation

The awards recognize innovation in the classroom and the work of professors who adapt their teaching methods to the requirements of the EHEA

The project Integrating basic subjects through gamification in Health Sciences”, led by Iván Rodríguez Martín, won the Second Prize in the eighth Universidad EuropeaTeaching Innovation Awards, held on July 22.

The activity by a group of professors in the Department of Basic Biomedical Sciences over the 2015-16 academic year was based on three fundamental aspects: the integration of basic subjects (Fogarti, 1991; Harden, 2000), to contextualize the clinical experience from the point of view of its core areas; interprofessional training (Thompson, 2010), by working with students from different degree courses; and game-based learning (Charlier et al., 2013), to facilitate a motivational and enjoyable approach for the students.

This new experience consists of a treasure hunt for teams, based on a clinical case, in which for the first time learning and teaching work in different basic disciplines which are integrated, with different groups of students, through play and competition.

The professors taking part in this project were Luisa Palau Beato, Pablo Santos Ortiz, Gracia Morales Kucharski, Ana María Sánchez Moral, Clara Azpeleta Noriega, Rocío González Soltero, Alicia Romero Lorca, Roberto Fernández-Baíllo Gallego de la Sacristana, Ana Isabel Rodríguez Learte, Domingo de Guzmán Monreal Redondo and Ana Fernández Santander.