"I will never forget the experience I had during one year in Madrid"

We interviewed Alexandre Klawiter, Alumni of the MBA in Sports Management

Alexandre Klawiter was graduated last year in MBA - Master's Degree in Sports Management in Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea and now he wants to tell us how was his experience there and how is his career going after University. 

  • ¿Could you tell us a little bit more about the Charity Dinner you are organizing in Poland? The aim of this event is to help sick children, isn’t it?

Mariusz Stepinski, player from Polish National Team during EURO 2016 and actually playing in FC Nantes organized a charity Dinner for a polish girl with cancer. The event was organized in two parts. First,  small football tournaments with players from Polish League and after that, a dinner with sponsors and players. During the event, football shirts were auctioned. It was a real success and I would like to thank Real Madrid for sending me Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirt. All the money raised went to look after the little girl and also organizations helping sick children.

  • What are your functions as Responsable Administratif Sportif and Team Administrative Manager at FC Nantes?

I started to work in FC Nantes in September 2016 as Team Manager. The club contacted me after my first experience during Euro 2016 in France as I work as a Team Liaison Officer for Polish National Team.

As a Team Manager, I have various tasks: my main role is the administration and management of the team and also be responsible for the welfare of all team members during training and competition. My role is to coordinate all required administration duties for players and staff, from their arrival to their departure : bank account, telephone, house searching, electricity, visa…

I also have the responsibility to organize all game details (accommodation, transport, food…) and ensure all rules and regulations of the competition are carried out. I am the main contact for referees and match delegates before and after the game.

As a Team Manager, I also check that all players do their media obligations on match day: mixt zone, interview, press conference. 

  • Have you ever imagined yourself working at FC Nantes? Doing what you're doing right now?

I had the opportunity to do an internship two years ago in FC Nantes as a jurist. I stayed for 6 months and it was very interesting. After this internship I decided to study abroad for one more year and I decided to come to Madrid. But I had never imagined to come back to this club after. I was very happy when the club contacted me and I decided quite quickly to accept the offer. Working in such a historical club, in First League is a nice challenge. I came back to the club with another job, but it is a very exciting job, a bit stressful but very rewarding.

  • ¿ What links you to the sports sector? What are you passionate about in this sector?

Since I was young, I was always interested in sports. I practiced tennis and football. I didn’t imagine a few years ago working in sports sector, as I studied law in Paris. But during my last year of my Master degree I decided to specialized in Sports Law. This is how I got into sport sector.

  • Why did you choose Real Madrid Graduate School -Universidad Europea?

As I wrote before, I studied Sports Law during my last year at the university. But I only studied law and I wanted to have a different outlook of sport industry by studying management. I compared many schools offering sport management programs but my aim was to study abroad. I decided to join Real Madrid Graduate School because it was the program I wanted the most. The school proposes management, communication, finances… It is a very complete program. Also, Madrid is a nice city and I am a fan of Real Madrid football team!

  • What do you miss the most about your time in Real Madrid Graduate School?

I will never forget the experience I had during one year in Madrid. My classmates were fantastic and I learnt a lot in various fields with great teachers coming from Spain and other countries. I also enjoyed practical classes we had during the year, and I don't forget the trip to New York and London, visiting US and UK sports infrastructures.

  • Do you keep in touch with any of your promotion partners? And with any of your teachers?

I am still in touch with classmates and we try to see each other when we are available. Partners came from all around the world so it is difficult to meet everyone. But we write each other!

I am also in touch with MBA director, and some teachers via social media (Linkedin).

  • What has the Universidad Europea contributed to you? What has it meant in your life?

I learnt a lot during my year in Sports Management. Teaching a lot of Management, Finance, Marketing, Communication… For me, everything was new so it was very interesting.

But also, I learnt a lot about values. And for me, that was very important. Respect, commitment, behavior, team spirit were key words during the studying year.

  • How has your passing through the school helped you in your career?

The school offers many internships and it is really helpful for the future. Also teachers are coming for various fields and companies. It is an honor to have class with people coming from Real Madrid, from sports agencies or former players.

I use a lot what I learnt during the year of Euro 2016 and now in FC Nantes. I also gained in maturity and understood some important values. All that, without forgetting my classmates helped me a lot.

  • What advice did they give you that you have never forgotten?

The advice is to act professionally, to make contacts for future career. And if the school can help, they will.

  • What advice would you say to current students?

To be as you are, and you will get whatever you want and to enjoy their current experience because it is a chance for them and that they will not forget it.