Fran García offers a workshop at the Universidad Europea de Canarias

During the event, the instagrammer offered the Institution’s Advertising Communication students tips on being creative on this social network

Instagrammer Fran García held a meeting with students from the Universidad Europea de Canarias, specifically from the Advertising Communication course on Creative Thinking, taught by José Leoncio Gonzále, speaking about trends on Instagram.

Fran is an influencer who lives in La Orotava and has vast experience in the world of social media. His activity on this course consisted of a workshop on using this social network from a creative perspective: he spoke about followers, looks and how Instagram fits into the advertising market, as well as giving tips to the students who, as part of the course, will conduct a Project Based Learning (ABP) initiative with the local business Crossfit Orotava, using Instagram as a communication channel.