Europea Media organizes a challenge to fight Breast Cancer

The goal is to raise a total of 10,000 euros for the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC) by the end of the month. Europea Media will broadcast a special edition of Calle Mayor to support research and fighting the disease

The Europea Media team at Universidad Europea has organized a challenge to market Breast Cancer Day, held on Wednesday, October 19. The aim of the challenge is to raise a total of €10,000, between October 17 and October 31, which will go towards researching the disease. After completing the challenge the Europea Media program Calle Mayor will broadcast a special program on November 2 focusing on Breast Cancer, the challenge initiative and its results.

The idea came from a proposal by students and collaborators at Europea Media Miguel Ángel Gálvez and Victor Carmona. Calle Mayor, a program directed by Roda María Mateos, has been closely following the latest news on the disease throughout October. To complete the challenge, the students and Europea Media have teamed up with the Spanish Cancer Association, with the help and advice of Javier Pérez Expósito, professor of Advertising.

The participation and support received by Europea Media and the AECC will contribute to promoting various research projects such as the Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer project launched by the Oncology Institute of the Hospital del Valle de Hebrón in Barcelona. Anyone who wants to make a donation can do so via the AECC homepage, Europea Media challenge, here.