Entrepreneur Gabriel Masfurroll talks about business ethics and values

The Catalan professional talked to MBA students at the Universidad Europea de Canarias on December 10

Catalan businessman Gabriel Masfurroll Lacambra gave a master class for MBA students at the Universidad Europea de Canarias, in partnership with the Canary Islands private healthcare company MBestcare. Masfurroll talked about enterprise and the ethics and values that should govern any initiative. The lecture took place on Saturday December 10 at the University’s Casa Salazar campus in La Orotava (Tenerife).

According to Masfurroll, whose long business career includes many pioneering and successful initiatives (such as the first network of private hospitals in southern Europe with the creation of USP Hospitales in 1997), entrepreneurship is an adventure that should not be over-mythologized, explaining what really sustains it.

The Catalan businessman outlined for the MBA students how to begin as an entrepreneur in order to end as a business owner, without neglecting “ethics and values, which seem to have been discarded in recent years,” as Masfurroll noted.