Employability seminar for students of the Graduate Degree in Dentistry

This initiative responds to the demand of students for specific training in aspects such as success in job interviews, creating a suitable resume or strengthening personal brands

Students on the Graduate Degree in Dentistry at Universidad Europea recently took part in an employability seminar that included workshops aimed at developing a personal brand, creating a resume, using social networks and how to successfully face a selection process.

The session also included Skype connections with international recruitment agents such as Yael Brugos (Laborare Conseil) on how to become a dentist in France; Arjen Versteeg (DPA Dentistry), who shared job vacancies in Holland with the students, and Debi Paragh- Katherin Pinilla, who shared job vacancies in Belgium.

The students also had interviews with different consultants such as Sara Valls, who addressed dentistry and management job offers; representatives from Dentix and Elena Martín on job offers and interviewing candidates. One of the greatest challenges faced by the dental sector is the fierce competition between professionals. This seminar offered students the non-dentistry tools available to improve the image and positioning of each professional.