Cristina Contreras: “Tenemos que estar abiertos a las nuevas oportunidades”

The architect and researcher at Harvard University inaugurated the 2016/2017 academic year at the Universidad de Canarias School of Architecture

The architect and researcher at Harvard University, Cristina Contreras Casado, said during the opening of the 2016/2017 academic year at the School of Architecture of the Universidad Europea de Canarias that “we must be open to new opportunities for architects”, reminding students that global changes offer new professional possibilities “provided we are willing to address the changes”.

Cristina Contreras offered a Keynote Speech at the official inauguration of the academic year on Sustainability in infrastructure projects, challenges and opportunities, saying that “all social changes entail changes in infrastructures” and noting that it is here where “by adding synergies, architects face a new challenge and major opportunities, as sustainability is already part of the policies of action for many governments and businesses”.

During the conference this young researcher, who currently works at Harvard University, recalled that she initially went to the United States for six months and has been there for four years, meaning that “you never know what opportunities await you”. During her speech she addressed sustainable infrastructures and their social and environmental impacts on developing countries.