Chocolates Valor opens the CEOs FORUM at Universidad Europea de Valencia

Chocolates Valor CEO Pedro López spoke about the keys to the company's international success

On Thursday, June 9 Universidad Europea de Valencia held the first edition of CEOs FORUM, with a speech by Chocolates Valor CEO Pedro López. CEOs FORUM is an initiative to teach its students about the business world through testimonials from top leaders in different sectors.

Entertaining and enlightening, Pedro López traced the main milestones of the Alicante-based company, a leader in very specific niches of the chocolate sector in Spain, with net revenues for 2014-2015 of over 101 million euros.

Pedro López also spoke about the keys to the innovation-leading company: “always taking risks.” These include having two chocolate shops on ski slopes in Andorra and being “pioneers in creating a franchise scheme for its chocolate shops,” López said, insisting on the importance of keeping “the consumer in the spotlight, as our reference point” and never forgetting about “differentiation,” being special and different. Chocolates Valor CEOs FORUM is part of the initiatives organized by the Master's in Retail Expert and Customer Experience Management at Universidad Europea de Valencia.