Carmen Posadas and Marta Robles participate in Universidad Europea's “Dialogs on Ethics and Science”

They discussed the limits of medicine in relation to aesthetic improvements

On Thursday, June 9, writer Carmen Posadas and journalist Marta Robles participated in the fourth Universidad Europea Dialog on Ethics and Science, organized by the Madrid College of Physicians, to discuss ethics, aesthetics and the limits of medicine.

In the fourth edition of these seminars —moderated by Universidad Europea Vice Rector of Research Sergio Calvo— Carmen Posadas spoke about Aesthetic Medicine, a field in which one of her daughters works. The writer stated that in this field of medicine “the practitioners are engaged in listening, and become like psychologists.” “First is the work of listening and then understanding and managing expectations,” she added.

Marta Robles, meanwhile, stressed that Aesthetic Medicine improves, compared to other fields that cure. Robles also emphasized its growing importance in recent years. “What Aesthetic Medicine cures are small pieces of the soul, but it is less prevalent in poorer societies,” she stated.

The Dialogs on Ethics and Science aim to address the latest issues in the world of science. These are issues that must be thought about and open to dialog and debate. In the dialog sessions, two experts on the subject speak openly, without a script, and attendees have the opportunity to ask questions, give their opinion, and participate during the session.