Amuhaici Luis explains the secrets of color to 4th year Advertising Communication students

She is a young Tenerife native, expert in styling and fashion, and a specialist in image and shopping consultancy

Expert in design and fashion Amuhaici Luis recently offered a master class on Color as part of the 4th year Advertising Communication Art Direction course taught by Cristina Rebolo.

Amuhaici interacted with the students and explained some characteristics of the different color ranges and their combinations in the evocative world of fashion and styling. Despite her youth, Amuhaici Luis is already a benchmark in the sector.

She studied Labor Relations and completed a Master's in Labor Law and Social Security “She started working at her family’s business consultancy firm, and always felt the need to train in the world of fashion”, explained the Tenerife native during an interview published in the newspaper La Opinión de Tenerife.

Luis traveled to Madrid in 2007 to study at the School of Business and Fashion. There she studied Styling, specializing in Image Consultancy and Personal Shopping, and since then she hasn’t stopped working in this sector. In 2009, she also completed a Technical Course in Color Consultancy in Barcelona. For some time she combined working at the business consultancy firm with fashion consultancy, working on different advertising campaigns. Two years ago she launched into the adventure of opening her own business in Santa Cruz.