A team led by Doctor Vicente Clemente will carry out the third medical study of the Alpinultras Circuit

The study, which will take place September 10 at the Canfranc Ultra-Trail, will represent a milestone in the investigation of trials related to mountain ultra-resistance

The tenth edition of Canfranc-Canfranc, one of the toughest ultra-trails in Spain and one of the three pillars of the Alpinultras project, will again be attended by the Universidad Europea team, who will evaluate the performance of the runners.

These trials, which were very well received by participants at the Emona Ultratrail and the Ultra Valls d'Aneu held in July, will analyze the state of health of runners before and after completing the 100-kilometer circuit, which climbs 8,848 meters.

Thanks to this initiative, the medical team led by Doctor Vicente Clemente, will be able to extract scientific data which will help them create a basis for correct training, nutrition and comprehensive preparation which benefits runners' health and performance. After the circuit, in the Aragón Pyrenees, the Universidad Europea will publish the conclusions of the evaluations carried out during the three medical studies so that runners and coaches can apply them to their training.