A highly successful #Welcome Week UE16 at the Valencia Campus

Workshops, training days, immersion days, competitions... a plethora of activities aimed at welcoming students

Universidad Europea de Valencia held its Welcome Week 2016 between 12 and 19 September, a series of activities aimed at welcoming and guiding both new students and those who already form part of the university.

Workshops on how to obtain a university ID card, student services, social media networks, university life, clubs to join, leisure activities offered by Universidad Europea de Valencia, how to complete official academic paperwork, etc.  The goal: to facilitate the arrival and first few days of students attending the Valencia Campus.

Furthermore, all the students who took part in the photocall organized by the Student Services Department were entered into a draw to see who had posted the most material on social media networks to share their first few hours at Universidad Europea de Valencia.