8th Sport Training Resistance Sport Symposium

The events, which have been held at the Universidad Europea for 8 consecutive years, were well received

Saturday, November 19, was the date for the Resistance Sport Symposium at the Universidad Europea de Madrid Villaviciosa de Odón Campus, organized by Sport Training magazine http://www.sportraining.es/ . In the words of the organizers, these events, which have bee held at the Universidad Europea since their first edition, aim to “bring scientific knowledge closer to coaches and athletes, and to provide an important tool that helps in the training and refresher training of sports coaching professionals”.

For this reason, all the information in its communications is based on scientific studies conducted by researchers from the sporting world with a vast experience in the academic and professional fields. These include Dr. Roberto Cejuela, Dr. Carlos Balsalobre (Researcher at the Universidad Europea de Madrid), Juan Manuel Galbis, Dr. Juan del Campo and Dr. Jonathan Esteve (former Researcher at the Universidad Europea).

The issues addressed included power training in cycling and running, strength in middle- and long-distance runners, kinesthetic tools to improve technical learning, pace and volume work in marathons, and finally introduction to endurance tests.

The Universidad Europea, specifically the School of Sports and Exercise Sciences and Physical Therapy, supports these initiatives that seek to broaden knowledge in such a relevant area as the field of sports coaching.