6th Edition of the Project-Based School Awards of the School of Architecture, Engineering and Design

More than twenty companies attended as a panel to choose the winning projects

The School of Architecture, Engineering and Design has celebrated the 6th edition of the Project-Based School (PBS) Awards. These awards recognize the best projects of students and teachers in each area of the school for the 2017-2018 academic year. More than twenty companies participated in the event, forming the panel that chose the winners.

According to Paloma Velasco, Vice-Dean of the School of Architecture, Engineering and Design, this meeting of companies, teachers and students “enables them to approach large companies and show the work they do. It also gives companies the opportunity to detect talent. In this regard, Oscar Larra, PMO Senior Project Manager of Gestamp, said that this program is “a source of good ideas that we can benefit from in many cases.”

In a scenario as competitive as the one in which we find ourselves, companies need competitive and experienced people, according to Natalia Delgado, Head of Education at Vodafone: “we need to be proactive and delve into practice.”