Postgraduate, Expert in Corporate Criminal Law

Specialize in business control, jurisdiction control and legal advice.

The aim of this degree is to become specialized in legal-criminal advice in the context of corporations, with a fundamentally practical, integrating and updated vision.

In the PDF you will find:

  • Detailed study plan
  • Why this degree is perfect for you
Postgraduate, Expert in Corporate Criminal Law



9 months
  • The business world needs specialists in the legal-criminal field.
  • Practical, global and up to date vision on varied corporate crimes.

In the PDF you will find:

  • Detailed study plan
  • Why this degree is perfect for you

Key Points

Timetable compatible with professional activity.

  • Fechas de Inicio

  • Modalidad

    Hyflex (Real and virtual classrooms)

  • Duration

    9 months

  • ECTS


  • Language


  • Campus

    Madrid Villaviciosa de Odón

  • Universidad

    Universidad Europea de Madrid

  • Área de Conocimiento


  • Tipo de Estudio


Why study this program?

Expert Courses

Combine the program with the Postgrad in Expert in Corporate Criminal Law and the Master’s Degree in Legal Practice.

Employability Rate

89% of our students find work in less than 12 months.

Legal Clinic

Solve real cases put forward by clients with limited financial resources.

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New candidate profile and degree access routes.  

Professionals from the Legal field, Administration and Corporate Management seeking specialized and integral training in Corporate Criminal Law.  

Admissions Process

The admissions process for programs in the Postgraduate School at Universidad Europea is open all year round, although registration in any of the programs is dependent on the availability of places.

If you wish to receive personalized advice from our Postgraduate Admissions team, contact either of our two university campuses (Alcobendas or Villaviciosa de Odón) or contact us:

Having been advised, you should file the documents required:

  • Application Form
  • Copy of your ID or NIE
  • Copy of your University Degree
  • CV.

The Postgraduate Admissions team will contact you to complete access exams according to your desired program and a personal interview with the Director of the Master’s Degree or with a member on the Admissions Committee. 

* The admissions process does not cost the candidate anything nor is it binding on either party up until the registration process has been completed.

Recognitions and transfers

If you wish to have a personalized plan made to view how you could have your studies recognized in an efficient, free and non-binding way, you can do so here. 

Regulation on the transfer and recognition of credits

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Financial Aid

At Universidad Europea we have a complete system of financial aid available to you to ease your education payments. Some examples are: 

  • Flexible payment options.
  • Financial Aid for early payment
  • Financial Aid for continuing studies.
  • Financial Aid for simultaneous study.
  • Financial Aid for having a family member at Universidad Europea.


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At the Campus in Villaviciosa, our students have access to the facilities provided by the Legal Clinic, where they can work as a team to solve cases provided by clients requiring legal aid.

Additionally, we have a Hearings Room where we recreate legal procedures at different levels, allowing our students to practically apply the knowledge gained in the classroom.

The campus in Alcobendas is a different campus aimed at Company + Entrepreneurship. Situated in the heart of the North of Madrid’s Business Park, this campus is equipped with state-of-the-art and modern facilities that invite you to learn and develop new ideas. It was conceived as a unique place where the University is in constant contact with the business world, which is a clear factor for the full development of our students.

You will study surrounded by successful entrepreneurs and mentors. You will put your ideas into practice at the Emprende Hub, a space within Universidad Europea dedicated to learning, work and creativity. An incubator for new business projects whose objective is to help our students’ ideas to grow by enriching their initiatives with the support of the technological resources and specialized training to be able to successfully make your vision a reality in a solid and sustainable manner. You will be able to learn, share and participate in forums and events with the best companies and professionals. A learning model thought of to accelerate your success

Collaborating companies

The Postgraduate, Expert in Corporate Criminal Law is made up of highly regarded professionals who work in business control, judicial control or legal advice, who participate in postgraduate teaching, bringing their professional reality into the classroom for the student, through the analysis of practical cases.  

Some of the firms that collaborate with us are:

  • Baker & McKenzie
  • Pérez-Llorca Abogados
  • Ayuela & Jiménez Abogados
  • AGM Abogados


The teaching faculty is made up of lawyers, judges, district attorneys, legal advisers and professors related to business activity, its judicial control and advice.


Jesús Santos Alonso
Partner, Criminal Department, Baker & McKenzie


Rafael Fontán Tirado
Professor of Criminal Law, Universidad Europea


Jose Ramón Navarro Miranda 
Judge. President of the National High Court of Spain.

Eloy Velasco
Magistrate-Judge, Appeals Court of the National High Court of Spain

Alejandro Abascal

Pedro Arduan

Antonio Antón y Abajo

Javier Puyol Montero
Judge. Former lawyer of the Constitutional Court. Lawyer.

Juan Pablo Nieto Mengotti 
Prosecutor. Director of the Office of the Secretary of State for Justice.  

Jesus Tirado
Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Constitutional Court

Jose Javier Polo
Chief Public Prosecutor, Madrid

Angel Javier Muñoz 
Prosecutor. Special Prosecution of Employment Accidents

Conrado Sainz 
Prosecutor. Anticorruption Prosecution

Ignacio Stampa
Prosecutor. Anticorruption Prosecution

Antonio Zárate
Prosecutor. Provincial Prosecutor, Madrid

Ana Belén Alonso Gonzalez
Judge, Prosecutor and Lawyer of the Constitutional Court

Santiago Gonzalez
Secretary of Justice at the service of the Constitutional Court

Jesús Santos Alonso
Lawyer. Managing Partner of Criminal Law, Baker & McKenzie

Álvaro Botella Pedraza
State Attorney. Lawyer specializing in Litigation and Arbitration, Cuatrecasas

Adriana de Buerba
Lawyer. Partner in the Financial Criminal Law Department, Pérez-Llorca

Maria Victoria Vega 
Lawyer. Partner, VDT abogados. Former member of the Anti-Money Laundering Unit,  El Corte Ingles

Joaquín Jimenez
Lawyer. Partner, Ayuela Abogados

Pilar López Asencio
Lawyer. Partner, AGM

Carlos Gómez Jara
Lawyer. Partner, Corporate Defense abogados

Price and advantages Postgraduate, Expert in Corporate Criminal Law



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  • The general context of the global economy in the last few years has made evident the need for specialists in the legal-criminal field specializing in business.
  • Our course is an ideal instrument for those professionals interested in specializing in legal-criminal advice in the course of business activities.  
  • With this training, you can avoid possible civil and criminal liability claims derived from crimes attributed to executives or employees.  
  • Analyze the Company and possible crimes they could be found liable for through an in-depth, multidisciplinary and exhaustive legal-financial analysis, considering the latest legal and case law developments.

Career opportunities

The Graduate in Postgraduate Expert in Corporate Criminal Law at Universidad Europea is a professional in the legal or business context, with solid training in everything relating to applicable laws to businesses, both in the prevention of punishable activities, and in resolving situations where the legal entity and their directors or employees could face liability.

  • A complete training in contents, that includes the study of Corporate Criminal Law in many contexts.  
  • An international vision of Corporate Criminal Law which, together with a teaching methodology based on problem solving, grants the student the necessary training in comparative law as well as the necessary practical training for a globalized and changing society.
  • Masterclasses and debates will take place with leading experts in the field, both nationally and internationally, discussing highly relevant issues in the legal world.  
  • The faculty is made up of professionals who develop their activity in the business world, judicial control or legal advice and whose experience allows them to give students a highly practical training.

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Admission process

1. Documentation

To begin your admission process, the first thing to do is book your appointment online or by calling 91 740 72 72.

  • Selectividad card showing eligibility status
  • Two photocopies of your ID
  • Academic record file transfer 
  • Proof of payment of the Admission fee before or on the date of appointment

2.  What does the admissions test consist of?

  • Skills and abilities test
  • General knowledge test
  • Language assessment test
  • Personal interview

When will you know you’ve been accepted?

You’ll find out the result of the admissions test via an admissions letter that you’ll receive by email. If you have any doubts or queries, you can contact our Admissions Department for New Students at

3. Reserve your place

Along with the admissions letter, you will receive an envelope with information about official registration. It is recommended that in order to reserve your place, you should respond within 7 days of receiving the letter.

4. Registration

All students joining the Universidad Europea for the first time, wanting to study a degree, must open a file with the university, prior to registration. The Department of Admission for New Students will provide the candidate with all the documentation and forms to complete their registration.

Convalidations and transfers

You don’t have to carry on doing something you don’t want to. For this reason, we have designed specific convalidation and university transfer plan. If you want to know your personalized plan, as quickly and easily as possible, send us an email to along with the following documentation:

  • Personal academic certificate of the original degree.
  • Study plan sealed by the Secretariat of the center of origin.
  • The academic program of the subjects studied and/or enrolled in the original degree.
  • Officially translated degree certificate (only in the case of foreign graduates)

In case of requesting recognition for professional experience, you will be required to provide;

  • Work life certificate
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Company certificate, only in those cases where it is necessary to prove the functions performed in the company, or in cases of students with international professional experience who cannot provide a work-life certificate.

For any questions, you can contact our advisers by calling 91 834 34 35.

Scholarships and grants program

We’re here to help. If you want to study at Universidad Europea, you have a number of internal and official scholarship options to apply for. In addition, we provide comprehensive Financing and Discount options

Professional practices

Internships in companies are a key element in your education. Acquiring experience and putting into practice what you have learned on your degree is the best way to enter the labor market. There are two types of internship, curricular (which are included as part of your program) and extracurricular (which you can do on a voluntary basis).

In order to carry out an internship in a company, you’ll need to have passed 50% of your credits and register before you start the internship. Both the company and a professor on your course will monitor your progress on the internship as well as providing an evaluation at the half way mark and upon completion. 

If you want to gain extra work experience before finalizing your university studies, you are welcome to carry out extracurricular internships. You can carry them out in whichever year of your studies you choose but we remind you that internships are formative and should complement your studies. The more theoretical knowledge you have acquired throughout your degree, the more you will benefit from the internships.