Degree in Physical Activity Sciences and Sport + Federation Diploma, Professional Football Coach

Opportunity to become integrated into football at a professional and international level  

Learning By Living with quality training and developing both personally and professionally in all sectors of sport: education, health, training or management.

In the PDF you will find:

  • Detailed study plan
  • Why this degree is perfect for you
Degree in Physical Activity Sciences and Sport in Madrid


Sep 10, 2020


4 years
  • This title from the Federation will allow you to work as a football coach in any country in Europe.  
  • Timetable adapted to complete both degrees simultaneously.

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In the PDF you will find:

  • Detailed study plan
  • Why this degree is perfect for you

Key Points

Multiply your professional options in a growing sector

  • Start date

    Sep 10, 2020

  • Duration

    4 years

  • Language


  • ECTS


  • Modality


  • Campus

    Madrid Villaviciosa de Odón

  • University

    Universidad Europea de Madrid

  • Knowledge Area


  • Study Type


Why study this program?


% of students

complete internships with first-level companies relating to their needs.


+ 30 agreements

with clubs, federations and first-level institutions


Key professional profiles

within the faculty with a global vision of sports training.
Guillermo Gascuñana

Guillermo Gascuñana

Undergraduate and Technical Studies advisor at Universidad Europea de Madrid

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New profile access and degree route access

You can apply for the Degree in Physical Activity Sciences and Sport + Federation Diploma, Professional Football Coach with:

  • Any of the Baccalaureate options
  • Any Higher Level Training Cycle
  • Through access tests for those over 25
  • Access for over 40s
  • The same degree or other university degrees. 

If you are already a Physical Sports Activities or Entertainment Tech, Universidad Europea offers you the possibility to reduce your studies by a year, with a plan to have your studies recognized.

If you are already a qualified Primary School Physical Education teacher, you can complete the Degree in Physical Activity and Sport in approximately 2 years thanks to the same plan of study recognition.

Federation Diploma, Professional Football Coach

In order to complete the Diploma as a Professional Football Coach, Universidad Europea Madrid gives you a preferential agreement through the Madrid Football Federation which will allow you to obtain your official Federation Diploma, Professional Football Coach during the 4 years of your Degree in Physical Activity Sciences and Sport.

This agreement allows you:

  • A timetable adapted to complete both degrees simultaneously.
  • Economic discounts for students on the Degree in Physical Activity Sciences and Sport at Universidad Europea de Madrid.

Recommended Candidate Profile

  • Students wishing to study the Degree in Physical Activity Sciences and Sport + Federation Diploma, Professional Football Coach at Universidad Europea Madrid, should fulfil the legal access requirements for University contained in current legislation in force. There are no additional academic requirements.  
  • The admissions rules to obtain the UEFA B (basic course) licences have changed since October 29th 2018, after an agreement between RFEF-UEFA of the 26th of the same month. Currently, students who do not have Spanish nationality but who are permanent residents in Spain and come from a non-UEFA member country will have a very hard time accessing this course as one of the requirements is to have an employment contract in force.  
  • In terms of the professional and personal skills sought in the candidate profile, motivated students shall be given preferential treatment. Students able to appreciate the needs of others and solve problems. They should have a positive attitude towards learning throughout their life, towards research and a motivation towards quality.

Transfer and Credit Recognition

  • Royal Decree 1618/2011, of the 14th November regarding the recognition of studies in Higher Education, encourages mobility between different Spanish universities and within the same university. The process for transforming degrees prior to the European Higher Education Area to others in accordance with the Royal Decree mentioned creates adaptation situations worth considering. Therefore, it is necessary to have an adaptation, recognition and credit transfer system, where credits studied at another university can be recognized and incorporated into the academic file of the student.
  • The adaptation of credits means the acceptance by Universidad Europea of the corresponding credits of prior studies envisioned in Royal Decree 1393/2007, completed at this University or at others.
  • In this context, Universidad Europea has as its objective, on the one hand to foment student mobility to allow their enrichment and personal and academic development and on the other hand, facilitate the procedure for those students wishing to transfer their university studies changing center and/or degree.

Regulation on the transfer and recognition of credits

Stemming from the legislation, Universidad Europea has a Regulation for the recognition of credits in University Degrees that you can check here.

Special Access Exams and timeline for pre-registration

The admissions process to study some of the Degrees at Universidad Europea and the Degree in Physical Activity Sciences and Sport follows a simple process that basically consists of filing certain specific documents, completing an admissions test and is completed with the official registration of the student.


Students are encouraged to come to the admissions exams with their families. Families will be taken on a guided visit of the Faculty and an explanation on career opportunities for students, research units and constant innovation policy will be discussed as well as teaching methods applied at the Faculty.


The student will participate in a series of functional evaluation tests (physical aptitude level) that are non-selective,  which will allow them to recognize their physical capabilities as well as provide them a first insight into the other side of physical activity and sport.

The tests will be made up of a protocol of evaluation of physical aptitude level of each candidate to establish their “initial index capacity for the development of physical and sports activities.”

This protocol is made up of two parts:

  • Analysis of their general health situation for the practice of physical activities (manifested by the student through two specific scientific questionnaires).
  • Analysis of their different skills in different physical aptitude evaluation tests.

For these tests, the candidates should come on the day wearing sports clothes and bring their ID or passport. All candidates should have a Medical Certificate stating they are fit enough to undertake the tests on the day of the tests.

Once the tests have taken place, a report will be given to each candidate with the results obtained and an interpretation of them reflecting their physical aptitude level for the practice of sport. 

The teaching staff will be in charge of explaining the test, controlling that it takes place in the correct way and registering the student’s result.

Note: the Physical Aptitude Level Evaluation Tests will last approximately 3’5 hours + Interview + PAP + English Test


If you are coming from outside of the Region of Madrid and would like to undertake the on-site full-time program, you can find accommodation in line with your needs: near to campus, safe, comfortable, in an academic setting, with good services, quality furnishings, etc. Thanks to the two student halls that Universidad Europea has, both located on campus and with capacity for 550 people, with all domestic, academic and safety needs ideally suited to a student.

These student halls are destined both for students or for those teachers or personnel who may need accommodation at some point: scientific, artistic or cultural exchanges, or even for any other person whose stay is directly or indirectly related to the University.

Search for accommodation here

Collaborating companies

The student in Sports Sciences completes a total of 18 ECTS (450 hours) of practical work experience throughout their degree, in the most relevant entities in the field, linked to the specialization chosen or in the educational world through bilingual schools. The close relationship with companies, professional associations and with the international sports sector allow us to offer a very extensive range of internships in Spain and worldwide, as well as the possibility to help the student in obtaining a job afterwards.


  • Castellana Sport
  • Go Fit
  • Holmes Place
  • Virgin Active
  • GH Fitness Company
  • Metropolitan Spain
  • Palestra
  • Supera


  • Real Madrid CF
  • CSD- Car
  • Ufedema
  • Federación Española De Bádminton
  • Fundacion Celta De Vigo
  • Hércules Alicante C.F, S.A.D
  • Club Atletismo S.S. De Los Reyes
  • Club Balonmano Alcobendas
  • Club De Baloncesto Fuenlabrada
  • Club De Futbol Trivalvalderas
  • Club Deportivo Leganes, S.A.D.
  • Club Estudiantes De Baloncesto
  • Club Inter Fútbol Sala


  • Comité Olímpico Español
  • Candidatura Madrid’2020
  • CSD
  • Pmd Alcobendas
  • Pmd Alcorcón
  • Ayuntamiento De Madrid
  • All In Your Mind, S.L.
  • Unipublic
  • Supera Gestión Deportiva
  • Ingesport
  • Luanvi, S.A.
  • Motorpress Iberica S.A.
  • Olympic, Servicios Deportivos
  • Fundación Real Madrid
  • RCGD Covadonga
  • Fútbol Indoor Events
  • Federacion Española De Tenis
  • Federación Española De Golf
  • Federación Española De Bádminton
  • Federación Española De Pádel
  • KPMG (Gestión De Eventos Y Patrocinios)
  • Madrid Trophy Promotion (Mutua Madrid Open. Caja Mágica)
  • Metropolitan (Gestión Fitness)
  • Duet Sport (Gestión Fitness)
  • Holmes Place (Gestión Fitness)
  • Virgin Active (Gestión Fitness)
  • Manolo Santana Sports Club (Gestión Raqueta Y Fitness)
  • GH Sport (Consultoría, Eventos y Formación)
  • Valgo  (Consultoría, Eventos y Formación)


Our Faculty of teachers of Physical Activity Sciences and Sport is made up of national award-winners in Sports Medicine, Research Project Directors at the Higher Council of Sports, coaches and high level athletes, several of whom are Olympians.

See the CV of the Faculty Professors

Study plan

OB/DR: Obligatoria/Degree Requirement
BA/UC: Básica/University Core Requirement
OPT/RE: Optativa/Required Electives


Código Asignatura
Subject Code
9995002101 Anatomía Humana 6 BA/UC ESP
Human Anatomy
9995002102 Sistemática del movimiento 6 OB/DR ESP
Systematic Movement
9995002103 El juego: Teoría y Práctica 4 OB/DR ESP
The Game: Theory and Practice
9995002104 Expresión Corporal 6 BA/UC ESP
Body Language
9995002105 Psicopedagogía de la actividad física y del deporte 6 BA/UC ESP
Psychology in Sports Education
9995002106 Teoría e Historia de la actividad física y del deporte 6 BA/UC ESP
Theory and History of Sports
9995002107 Sociología y deontología de la actividad física y del deporte 6 OB/DR ESP/ENG
Sociology and Deontology of Sports
9995002108 Análisis de datos 4 OB/DR ESP
Data Analysis
9995002109 Baloncesto I 4 OB/DR ESP/ENG
Basketball I
9995002801 Fútbol I 4 OPT/RE ESP
Soccer I
9995002802 Atletismo I 4 OPT/RE ESP
Athlectics I
9995002803 Judo I 4 OPT/RE ESP
Judo I
9995002804 Tenis I 4 OPT/RE ESP
Tennis I
9995002805 Golf I 4 OPT/RE ESP
Golf I


Código Asignatura
Subject Code
9995002201 Motricidad humana 6 OB/DR ESP
Human motricity
9995002202 Fisiología humana 6 BA/UC ESP/ENG
Human physiology
9995002203 Didáctica 6 BA/UC ESP
9995002204 Derecho deportivo 6 BA/UC ESP
Sports law
9995002205 Biomecánica de la actividad física y del deporte 6 OB/DR ESP
Biomechanics of physical activity and sport
9995002206 Psicología del deporte 6 OB/DR ESP
Sports psychology
9995002208 Proyecto ecuador 2 OB/DR ESP
Ecuador proyect
9995002806 Ciclismo I 4 OPT/RE ESP
Cycling I
9995002807 Natación y actividades acuáticas I 4 OPT/RE ESP
Swimming and acuatic activities I
9995002808 Gimnasia artística I 4 OPT/RE ESP
Artistic gymnastic I
9995002809 Balonmano I 4 OPT/RE ESP
Handball I
9995002810 Voleibol I 4 OPT/RE ESP
Voleyball I
9995002811 Deportes de invierno I 4 OPT/RE ESP
Winter sports I


Código Asignatura
Subject Code
9995002301 Educación física escolar 6 OB/DR ESP
Physical education
9995002302 Actividad Física para la salud 6 OB/DR ESP
Physical activity for health
9995002303 Fisiología del ejercicio 6 OB/DR ESP/ENG
Exercise physiology
9995002304 Entrenamiento deportivo 6 OB/DR ESP/ENG
Athletic training
9995002305 Instalaciones y espacios deportivos 6 OB/DR ESP
Sport facilities
9995002306 Actividades en la naturaleza 6 OB/DR ESP
Outdoor sports and activities in the natural environment
9995002307 Gestión deportiva 6 OB/DR ESP
Sport management
9995002308 Ocio, recreación y turismo activo     6 OB/DR ESP
Leisure, sport and tourism
9995002309 Practicum I 6 OB/DR ESP
Practicum I
9995002812 Fútbol II 6 OPT/RE ESP
Soccer II
9995002813 Inglés 6 BA/UC ESP


Código Asignatura
Subject Code
9995002401 Practicum II 12 OB/DR ESP
Practicum II
9995002402 Trabajo de fin de Grado 6 OB/DR ESP
Graduation project
9995002832 Planificación, monitorización y control del Entrenamiento 6 OPT/RE ESP
Periodization, monitoring and control of training
9995002861 Nuevas tecnologías aplicadas al alto rendimiento deportivo 6 OPT/RE ESP
New technologies for high performance sport training
9995002862 Formación de Entrenadores para el alto rendimiento deportivo 6 OPT/RE ESP
Training for high performance sport coaches
9995002863 Medios específicos de entrenamiento y pruebas de control para el alto rendimiento deportivo 6 OPT/RE ESP
Specific training systems and test for high performance sport
9995002839 Fútbol III 6 OPT/RE ESP
Soccer III
  Fútbol IV: Técnica y táctica en fútbol      
Soccer IV: Technical and tactics aspects in soccer
  Fútbol V: Preparación Física, Reglas del juego, Desarrollo Profesional, Dirección de equipos y Metodología de la enseñanza y el entrenamiento      
Soccer V:  Physical training, laws of the game, professional development, teams management and teaching and training methods
  Proyecto final en fútbol      
Final project in soccer
Price and advantages Degree in Physical Activity Sciences and Sport + Federation Diploma, Professional Football Coach


9.880 €

per year

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  • Flexible payments
  • Grants for high performing students
  • Grants for continuing students
  • Grants for simultaneous studies
  • First in family scholarships
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  • Study the Degree in Physical Activity Sciences and Sport recognized for its  high research level: five years heading the sports ranking I-UGR 2014 of Universidad de Granada.
  • Learn from a faculty of teachers involved in research projects in the sports field, with important prizes in the National Sport Medicine Awards for the 5th consecutive year.
  • Thanks to the agreement with the Madrid Football Federation, you can obtain a professional qualification at a European level, with the Federation Diploma, Professional Football Coach.  
  • Use cutting-edge facilities and laboratories with the most modern technology for training and research.
  • Learning By Living completing practical work experience from the start and, if you wish, completing your training at prestigious universities in other countries.
  • One of the top three universities in Spain and first private university in university degree training in Physical Activity Sciences and Sport, according to the El Mundo rankings.

Career opportunities

Your profile will be what companies truly need, in our country and at an international level.

  • Multiply your professional options in the growing sector that is physical activity and sport within the following professional profiles:  
  • Football coach and technical director, trainer at clubs.  
  • Manager of sports companies, director of sports facilities.  
  • Physical Education teacher.
  • Personal trainer or coordinator of sports, health and wellness monitors. 
  • Active ageing specialist and recovery expert, clinical exercise, etc. 
  • Biomechanics tech in sport and technological applications. 
  • Director of Sport in public administrations and local councils.

You can also check

Admission process

1. Documentation

To begin your admission process, the first thing to do is book your appointment online or by calling 91 740 72 72.

  • Selectividad card showing eligibility status
  • Two photocopies of your ID
  • Academic record file transfer 
  • Proof of payment of the Admission fee before or on the date of appointment

2.  What does the admissions test consist of?

  • Skills and abilities test
  • General knowledge test
  • Language assessment test
  • Personal interview

When will you know you’ve been accepted?

You’ll find out the result of the admissions test via an admissions letter that you’ll receive by email. If you have any doubts or queries, you can contact our Admissions Department for New Students at

3. Reserve your place

Along with the admissions letter, you will receive an envelope with information about official registration. It is recommended that in order to reserve your place, you should respond within 7 days of receiving the letter.

4. Registration

All students joining the Universidad Europea for the first time, wanting to study a degree, must open a file with the university, prior to registration. The Department of Admission for New Students will provide the candidate with all the documentation and forms to complete their registration.

Convalidations and transfers

You don’t have to carry on doing something you don’t want to. For this reason, we have designed specific convalidation and university transfer plan. If you want to know your personalized plan, as quickly and easily as possible, send us an email to along with the following documentation:

  • Personal academic certificate of the original degree.
  • Study plan sealed by the Secretariat of the center of origin.
  • The academic program of the subjects studied and/or enrolled in the original degree.
  • Officially translated degree certificate (only in the case of foreign graduates)

In case of requesting recognition for professional experience, you will be required to provide;

  • Work life certificate
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Company certificate, only in those cases where it is necessary to prove the functions performed in the company, or in cases of students with international professional experience who cannot provide a work-life certificate.

For any questions, you can contact our advisers by calling 91 834 34 35.

Scholarships and grants program

We’re here to help. If you want to study at Universidad Europea, you have a number of internal and official scholarship options to apply for. In addition, we provide comprehensive Financing and Discount options

Professional practices

Internships in companies are a key element in your education. Acquiring experience and putting into practice what you have learned on your degree is the best way to enter the labor market. There are two types of internship, curricular (which are included as part of your program) and extracurricular (which you can do on a voluntary basis).

In order to carry out an internship in a company, you’ll need to have passed 50% of your credits and register before you start the internship. Both the company and a professor on your course will monitor your progress on the internship as well as providing an evaluation at the half way mark and upon completion. 

If you want to gain extra work experience before finalizing your university studies, you are welcome to carry out extracurricular internships. You can carry them out in whichever year of your studies you choose but we remind you that internships are formative and should complement your studies. The more theoretical knowledge you have acquired throughout your degree, the more you will benefit from the internships.