Degree in Design: Specializing in Graphics, Interiors or Product

Contribute your world vision and make changes in the most creative environments.

Dominating traditional techniques, combining these with learning the latest technology such as 3D printing and virtual reality

In the PDF you will find:

  • Detailed study plan
  • Why this degree is perfect for you


Sep 23, 2020


4 years
  • With 13 design technique workshops to foment creativity and teamwork.
  • And 3 specialties to choose from: Graphic Design, Interior Design and Product Design. 

In the PDF you will find:

  • Detailed study plan
  • Why this degree is perfect for you

Key Points

Build a fairer, more sustainable and more accessible society for all

  • Fecha de Inicio

    Sep 23, 2020

  • Modalidad


  • Duration

    4 years

  • ECTS


  • Language


  • Campus

    Madrid Villaviciosa de Odón

  • Universidad

    Universidad Europea de Madrid

  • Área de Conocimiento

    Architecture and Design

  • Tipo de Estudio


Why study this program?

% Employability

89% of our students are working less than 12 months after finishing their studies

International students

60% of our students are international, which leads to a much more enriching exchange of experiences


24% of foreign students from 88 different nationalities.

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From the first day you will be able to use the different spaces that the University makes available to you, including:

  • Design Studio - this space is organized like an actual design studio and workshop-type subjects take place here, as well as projects and dissertation and thesis tutorials. This space includes, in addition to specific furniture supplied by Steelcase, Mac and PC computers, projectors, light tables, product catalogues and materials samples. Outside of class hours, this room is accessible and open and includes a space for students to store their works in progress. 
  • Digital Manufacturing Lab – FabLab: this 150 m2 lab is made up of various rooms with rapid prototyping machines such as 3D scanners and 3D printers in different formats to work with plastic, resin, dust and ceramic, as well as numerical control machinery such as vinyl plotters, laser cutters, CNC milling machines and robotic arms of different characteristics.
  • Digital Design Workshops: there are a total of 4 IT labs, whose surface varies between 100 and 200m2m furnished with 2,30 x 0,80m drawing boards, PC and Mac computers with graphic design software and internet connections.
  • Artistic Drawing Workshops: there are 3 drawing workshops with a surface area of between 100 and 200m2, including easels, static models and projectors.
  • Graphic Arts Workshop: this lab is used to undertake two-dimensional graphic representation projects: linocut, intaglio, monotypes, photopolymers, blueprinting, letterpress and binding.
  • Sculpture Workshop: this space is used to undertake three-dimensional construction tasks: sculpting, molding, emptying and welding for all types of materials.
  • Woodwork Workshop: this space is used to undertake three-dimensional construction tasks in wood and includes saws, drills and tools for molding.
  • Machining Workshop: this space is used for three-dimensional machining tasks in metal and includes saws, drills, CNC milling machines, lapping machines and bending machines.
  • Robotics Lab: undertake work experience for the use of robots such as Scorbot, Fanuc or work experience in the Lego Mindstroms system, with the aim of bringing the latest trends and developments in the sector to our students and reduce the gap between Universities and Companies.

Collaborating companies

  • Fab Lab (Accredited) our fablab
  • DIMAD_Asociación de Diseñadores de Madrid.
  • MULAFEST_Festival de Tendencias Urbanas,
  • BID_Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño en Madrid.



Over 60% of the teaching staff are active professionals, highly regarded in their fields, which allows students to obtain a very connected vision of the sector. Discover the professional profile of some of them as follows:

Alberto Chinchón
A visual artist, researcher centered in performance and video performance. He has participated in meet-ups and exhibits nationally and internationally including, among others, “Deformes” in Santiago de Chile, “Generaciones” or “Inéditos”, in Casa Encendida Madrid. He has had his work displayed at the Pi&Margall Gallery, the Biennial of Young Art in Moscow, the Center for Contemporary Creations Matadero Madrid or the Spanish Cultural Center in Buenos Aires.

Adolfo Jordán
Architect, ETSAM, Universidad Politécnica. He has worked in design teams for important international architecture and engineering firms, collaborating in winning competitions and developing unique projects in Europe and Asia. He is also a specialist in Integrated Project Direction. He collaborates with professional publications within the architecture and interior design sector and regularly takes part in conferences, seminars, courses, workshops, etc. He is a research member of the Chair "Steelcase for Educational Spaces and Equipment”.

David Pérez Medina
Graduate in Fine Arts, UCM in the specialties of Design and Sculpture. Scholarship to the School of Fine Arts in Toulouse. Master’s Degree in Management and Design EOI (School of Industrial Organization, Escuela Organización Industrial). He is a founder and creative associate director at Estudio Pérez Medina. He has received many different awards such as the Wine & Spirit Magazine International Design Awards (London) / First Prize, 1994. Daniel Gil Awards/ Visual Editorial Design (Madrid) / Diplomas libro institucional, 2006 and photography, 2005 and 2007. Laus ADG/FAD Awards (Barcelona) / Two prizes and six selections. Conqueror Awards (Madrid) / First prize, 1995. AEPD Awards (Madrid) / Selections 1996, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. Anuaria Awards (Barcelona) / Editorial design, second prize, 2005.

Oyer Corazón
Graphic and strategic designer, professor (Design Management, Universidad Europea), writes in various news outlets (The Huffington Post, RTVE Radio 5), and leads conferences, workshops and collaborations. Recently recognized for his trajectory with one of the FCINCO awards (the youth portal of El Mundo).

Albert Culleré Tomas
Consultant, graphic designer and visual Communicator. Has directed strategic design programs and brand identity and branding programs for among others: Telefónica de España, Movistar, Iberia, Terra Networks, Deutsche Bank, Caixa Catalunya, NH Hoteles, Real Madrid, CEPSA, Agencia EFE, EPM, Banco de Galicia and Banco de Bogotá. Founder and Managing Creative Partner at CIAC International and later at Grupo CIAC. Founding Partner of the “Club de Innovación Urbana”. Has obtained various Mentions from the Art Director Club in NY, in the Biennial Cartel of Warsaw and Lathi, and in the Biennial of Graphic Design in Brno, as well as various Mentions and Bronze Laus Prizes.

Kepa Landa
Doctor in Fine Arts, General Coordinator and head of program for Arteleku (Donosti-San Sebastian), member of the program team of Intermediae - Matadero Madrid and coordinator of Medialabmadrid.

Kenneth Gómez
Graduate of Central St Martin's (London), Industrial Designer. Has worked as Company designer both nationally and internationally and teaches design courses at UEM and Instituto Europeo di Design, working in the area of interiors, products and architecture. Has worked in large projects such as the Seville Expo 1992 and for prestigious studios such as Foster & Partners.

Esther Pizarro
Graduate and Doctor in Fine Arts. Has been awarded scholarships by different institutions. Worth mentioning that between 1996 and 1997 she worked in the USA with a Fulbright Scholarship and a scholarship from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture. She has received different awards, amongst which it is worth mentioning:  Ayuda a la Producción en Artes Plásticas 2012 de la Comunidad de Madrid; Award El Ojo Crítico of Radio Nacional de España; Pámpana de Oro award at the LXI Exposición Nacional de Artes Plásticas de Valdepeñas in Ciudad Real; Finalist in the Prize for Sculpture Mariano Benlliure 2000 of the Villa de Madrid Awards and Second Prize at the XXII Edition in National Sculpture of Caja Madrid.

Celina Roig Rambla
Graduate in Fine Arts, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, specialized in Design. Professional experience of over 25 years as Art and Creative Director at advertising agencies. A Pioneer in Spain in the area of interactive systems designs, for the Spanish stand in the Seville Expo 1992, National Library and Barcelona Olympics, as well as the design and development of the Virtual Center at Instituto Cervantes.

Abelardo Gil Fournier
Artist and researcher. Part of his work has taken place in the residences El Ranchito Matadero Madrid, Laboral Centro de Arte/CTIC (Gijón) and Canal+, or thanks to being booked by institutions such as AECID-Culturambiente, CROMAFest (México DF) or the open hardware company Ultra-lab. His projects have been displayed at international festivals and exhibits and discussed in highly regarded art and culture publications and blogs.

Francisco José Domouso
Doctor of Architecture, ETSAM, currently Director of the Department of Architecture, Design and Civil, Universidad Europea. He undertakes his professional activity in the field of architecture, interior design and furniture. His works have been awarded prizes in national and international architecture competitions, as well as having been displayed and published through different means. He is an editor and curator of exhibits. His exhibit "Paul Kjaerholm esencial" received the COAM award from the Madrid School of Architects.

Lucinda Morrisey
Graduated from Central St Martin's (London) in 1986, with a BA Honours in Graphic Design. Having worked for various design and communications studios (Michael Thierens Design, Bowes Darby, Oscar Marine OMB), in 1995 she set up her own studio (Epic Diseño). Her clients include Ericsson España, Landor España, Antofagasta plc and the Spanish Mint and Postage Factory. Since 2010 she is part of a select group of graphic designers of the Spanish Postage stamps and holds the Chair "Steelcase Educational Spaces and Equipment" since its founding in 2010.

Enrique Corrales
Doctor in Fine Arts. Since 2004 is part of a cultural research collective, Zaunka ( Has received several awards including the Prize to artistic creation for the Region of Madrid in 2006 or the Special Jury Prize to the best documentary at the Iberoamerican Film Festival in Huelva 2005. His works have been projected at prestigious international competitions.

Adolfo Nadal
Doctor in Architecture and Master of Science in Architectural Advanced Design. He currently heads up the implementation of BIM at Sener. Additionally, he has actively participated in the development of several projects in collaboration with firms, such as the first Eco-city in Spain [with Ove Arup & Partners], the winning proposal for the World Business Center of Busan-Korea and the construction of the central station at Arnhem- the Netherlands [UNStudio van Berkel & Bos], or the structure of “Water Trees”, an engineering landscaping project together with Toyo Ito & Associates.

Santiago Lucendo
Professor of History of Art and Design. Has developed different research areas: member of the research group for critical Visuals: re-writing the narratives through images ( and research relating to monsters and their images; vampires, Frankenstein and the industrial revolution.

Tomás Muñoz
Doctor in Fine Arts with extraordinary prize, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Has worked as a stage designer and light specialist in over forty theatre, dance and opera productions at the main theatres in Spain.

Vicente Pérez
Architect, Universidad Europea de Madrid. Since 2010 is Professor at Universidad Europea Madrid and visiting professor in the "Master’s Degree on Retail and Commercial Spaces”, UPF Elisava Barcelona. Since 2012 is a visiting professor at the Summer Courses “Dual City: Central Saint Martins London-Elisava Barcelona”. Course Director: “One Year of Photography and Design”, IED Madrid 2015. Unit Coordinator, European Design Labs: Master in Design Innovation, IED Madrid 2015.

Price and advantages Degree in Design: Specializing in Graphics, Interiors or Product


10 monthly payments

1.250 € reservation fee

Find your scholarship

  • Flexible payments
  • Grants for high performing students
  • Grants for continuing students
  • Grants for simultaneous studies
  • First in family scholarships
  • Universidad Europea scholarship
  • Official scholarships
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  • You are creative and need to know how to use all the tools to elevate your skills to where you want to go, from traditional techniques to the latest technology  
  • You have at your disposal a creative professional studio to work on your portfolio from day one.
  • You can experiment in the Digital Manufacturing Laboratory with scanners and 3D printers to work on plastics, resin, dust and ceramics, vinyl plotters, CNC milling machines or robotic arms. 
  • You study design in order to be able to transform an environment and generate new realities while learning through a practical model based on real projects, companies and leading studios.
  • Participate in some of the clubs in which you can develop teamwork skills with students from other degrees and participate in the development of an installation for the MULAFEST festival.  

Career opportunities

Where will I be able to work?

In graphic design studios, developing the corporate identity of a brand or designing the packaging of a product; designing editorials or web designs in a communications agency; in illustration; as an Art Director in an advertising agency; working in a gallery; as an interior designer in a hotel or in retail; designing urban elements; designing electronic devices; analyzing user experience; in design layout; prototyping and printing 3D elements in a Fab Lab or in home automation…

Studios at which our students complete internships. The majority continue working there once they have finalized their internship.  

  • Graphic Design: Saffron Brand Consultants, DMA Partners, FutureBrand, Wiva Comunicación Interactiva or Thyssen Museum.
  • Product Design: Steelcase, Stonedesign, MadLab,

Interior Design: Moneo & Brock, Rockwellgroup Europe, Estudio Teresa Sapey, Carlos Arroyo Estudio. 

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Admission process

1. Documentation

To begin your admission process, the first thing to do is book your appointment online or by calling 91 740 72 72.

  • Selectividad card showing eligibility status
  • Two photocopies of your ID
  • Academic record file transfer 
  • Proof of payment of the Admission fee before or on the date of appointment

2.  What does the admissions test consist of?

  • Skills and abilities test
  • General knowledge test
  • Language assessment test
  • Personal interview

When will you know you’ve been accepted?

You’ll find out the result of the admissions test via an admissions letter that you’ll receive by email. If you have any doubts or queries, you can contact our Admissions Department for New Students at

3. Reserve your place

Along with the admissions letter, you will receive an envelope with information about official registration. It is recommended that in order to reserve your place, you should respond within 7 days of receiving the letter.

4. Registration

All students joining the Universidad Europea for the first time, wanting to study a degree, must open a file with the university, prior to registration. The Department of Admission for New Students will provide the candidate with all the documentation and forms to complete their registration.

Convalidations and transfers

You don’t have to carry on doing something you don’t want to. For this reason, we have designed specific convalidation and university transfer plan. If you want to know your personalized plan, as quickly and easily as possible, send us an email to along with the following documentation:

  • Personal academic certificate of the original degree.
  • Study plan sealed by the Secretariat of the center of origin.
  • The academic program of the subjects studied and/or enrolled in the original degree.
  • Officially translated degree certificate (only in the case of foreign graduates)

In case of requesting recognition for professional experience, you will be required to provide;

  • Work life certificate
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Company certificate, only in those cases where it is necessary to prove the functions performed in the company, or in cases of students with international professional experience who cannot provide a work-life certificate.

For any questions, you can contact our advisers by calling 91 834 34 35.

Scholarships and grants program

We’re here to help. If you want to study at Universidad Europea, you have a number of internal and official scholarship options to apply for. In addition, we provide comprehensive Financing and Discount options

Professional practices

Internships in companies are a key element in your education. Acquiring experience and putting into practice what you have learned on your degree is the best way to enter the labor market. There are two types of internship, curricular (which are included as part of your program) and extracurricular (which you can do on a voluntary basis).

In order to carry out an internship in a company, you’ll need to have passed 50% of your credits and register before you start the internship. Both the company and a professor on your course will monitor your progress on the internship as well as providing an evaluation at the half way mark and upon completion. 

If you want to gain extra work experience before finalizing your university studies, you are welcome to carry out extracurricular internships. You can carry them out in whichever year of your studies you choose but we remind you that internships are formative and should complement your studies. The more theoretical knowledge you have acquired throughout your degree, the more you will benefit from the internships.