Universidad Europea signs a collaboration agreement with the Spanish Society for Ultrasound in Physical Therapy

The two institutions will work together on various activities.

The Spanish Society for Ultrasound in Physical Therapy (SEEFi) and Universidad Europea have signed a Framework Collaboration Agreement aimed at carrying out a range of activities that will benefit both institutions.

Under the agreement, the SEEFi undertakes to implement a set of favorable conditions for Universidad Europea students, professors and alumni to join SEEFi as members so they can participate in the RUSI Symposium being held June 3-5 of 2016.

Specifically, the beneficiaries of these conditions will be charged a registration fee of 225 euros if they register before June 1, 2016, and of 250 euros if they register after June 2.

Moreover, the SEEFi will publicize Universidad Europea's academic offerings among RUSI Symposium attendees.