Universidad Europea's literary magazine awards the prizes for its 1st UE Hambre Literary Contest

The event was divided into four categories: Poetry, Short story/Narrative, Microstory and Essay/Thought piece.

Universidad Europea's literary magazine, “Hambre” , has awarded the prizes for the 1st UE Hambre Literary Contest, organized by the University at the Villaviciosa de Odón campus. The magazine's Editorial Board board presented the winners with their prizes.

In the Poetry category, the winners were Anhia Pujol Velasco, for “Batalla en mente y piel” (First Prize); Mary Carmen Lara, for “Equilibrio y desajuste” (Second Prize); and Noel Jesús Armas Castilla, for “A la cosmopolita Valencia, en la que tanto sentí” (Third Prize).

In Short story/Narrative, the winners were Víctor Rodríguez, for “Cada mañana” (First Prize); José Santos Carrillo, for “La sombra Feliz” (Second Prize); and Arturo Garrido Galán, for “El hombre perdido” (Third Prize).

Finally, the winners of the Microstory category were Noel Jesús Armas Castilla, for “Bitácora”; and José Santos Carrillo, for “El irresistible”. There were no candidates in the Essay category.

Free from religious and political partisanship and with four issues a year, “Hambre” is a magazine featuring creative writing, thought pieces and critiques that was founded in November 2011 and features work from professors and students of the Universidad Europea de Madrid. It is a non-profit, independent virtual space where anyone with artistic concerns and something to say may do so with freedom and respect.