Universidad Europea researchers take part in a project together with the International Olympic Committee Olympic Studies Center

The project aims to offer elite athletes the right tool for a satisfactory transition from sport to the professional field.

On September 29 the Spanish Olympic Committee headquarters was the venue for presenting a project developed by Carlos Muniesa, Cristina López de Subijana, María I. Barriopedro and Miguel A. Gómez-Ruano, researchers at the Universidad Europea and the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

The “A bright future for elite athletes?: the importance of a sports career” project was an initiative to offer elite athletes the resources they need for a successful transition from their sports career to the professional field. While developing the project the researchers observed that, to date, the tools needed to focus on training and education for athletes. The authors stressed that qualified athletes had much greater chances of joining the labor market.

The event was attended by the chairman of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Alejandro Blanco, as host of the project presentation at the headquarters of the Olympic body. The International Olympic Committee Olympic Studies Center also worked with the researchers, and its manager, Nuria Puig, was at the presentation.