Universidad Europea Dentistry professors will take part in the upcoming 2017 3M Oral Care Symposium

This event will bring together prestigious orthodontists and dentists to discuss the challenge of excellence in the sector

Multinational 3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company), which specializes in products and services for the health sector, among other activities, will organize the 2017 3M Oral Care Symposium in Madrid on February 18. This year, speakers at the event will include two Dentistry professors from the Universidad Europea.

3M Oral Care will attract prestigious speakers from the sector to share their opinions and discuss the challenge of excellence in Dentistry. With this aim, it has organized series of lectures led by professors, orthodontists and dentists including Dr. Joana Souza, director of the Master’s Degree in Restorative Dentistry, and Dr. Susana David, professor of Dentistry at the Universidad Europea.

The lectures at the 2017 3M Oral Care Symposium will be divided into two programs: orthodontics and dental. Each will have specific sessions. Dr. Souza will take part in the dental program with a lecture on Direct and indirect restorations: from clinical practice to the latest results of clinical research. Dr. Patricia Gatón, professor at the Universitat de Barcelona and a guest of Dr. will give a lecture on “Cavities: from research to today’s clinic”. Meanwhile, Dr. David will present a lecture for both programs on Applications of the intraoral scanner in the early diagnosis of dental wear”.

The venue for the 3M Symposium will be Kinépolis Madrid, City of Image. After the event, guests will enjoy a dinner and cocktail party in the elegant, exclusive OPIUMRoom.