The Alpinultras circuit has begun, with the collaboration of the Universidad Europea

The first of the mountain routes was the Emmona Ultra Trail

In the last weekend in May, the Emmona Ultra Trail (130km/+10,200m) inaugurated the Alpinultras circuit, organized by Retelur and which consists of major mountain ultra trails. Universidad Europea takes part in Alpinultras under an agreements signed in March with Retelur for the joint research into the multi-factor assessment of performance on mountain ultra trails.

With this agreement, both entities undertake to dedicate resources and efforts to analyzing the training, nutrition, physical therapy, psychological and dental parameters that define performance in this type of event. The research projects conducted will make it possible to improve mountain runner training processes, improve their performance and prevent injuries.

After the Emmona Ultra Trail , Alpinultras will continue with events in Valls d´Aneu (93km) on July 2, and Canfranc-Canfranc (100km/+8,848m), on September 10.